Happy Deepavali
Posted on 17 October 2017

Happy Deepavali to our dear customers and to those who are celebrating. From all of us at Clarisound Professional Hearing Care.

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6 important battery facts for today’s hearing instruments
Posted on 13 October 2017

A lot of times after buying a hearing aid system, there would be many questions about the batteries for example how long will it last or what are the differences in batteries and so forth. Therefore we have compiled a list to help you understand the main factors that affect how long a hearing aid battery lasts.

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Why you can’t measure hearing loss in percentages?
Posted on 19 September 2017

The loudness of sound is measured in units called decibels (db). Frequency of pitch is measured in Hertz (Hz). When hearing is tested, a range of 250 Hz to 8000 Hz is measured as it encompasses the speech frequencies, the most important range for communication.

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What having hearing loss feels like?
Posted on 18 August 2017

Let me put you in a scenario. Imagine you are in a room full of people who are conversing with each other (smiling, laughing and you can see all the different facial expressions going on) you don’t want to miss a word that they are saying, you start lip reading but its exhausting (its all happening too fast)..

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Hearing impaired person wish people knew about hearing loss
Posted on 3 August 2017

Here is a list of 7 key facts that every hearing impaired person wish people knew about their hearing loss. Yes, even though the person is using hearing aid device, please read this so that you can support them.

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Posted on 28 July 2017

Hearing aid make a great difference, especially in relations with significant others. Hearing aids users say that by using hearing aids it has a positive impact on their lives. Today, I will be listing the 49 positive impacts of using hearing aid. This is a compilation from our own customers. They have said goodbye to hearing loss! We have helped change their lives!

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Tips for better hearing with your new hearing aids
Posted on 24 July 2017

According to statistics, 1 in 5 Malaysians suffer from hearing difficulties which can be easily addressed by professionally fitted hearing aids.

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Silence is not always golden! Impact of hearing loss on your love ones.
Posted on 19 July 2017

“It wasn’t always like this you know! Then she continued, we used to share our thoughts, decisions, those long deep conversations about life and he would always tease me”. Now…

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11 Warning Signs of Hearing Loss
Posted on 14 July 2017

For most people the onset of hearing loss is a slow gradual process. Many a times, it happens without the person even realising it. As a result many people do not get help for their hearing until a significant hearing loss is present.

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Life changing moment
Posted on 30 June 2017

He was 93 years old and have been living with hearing loss for a decade or more. His children found it hard to communicate with him. They miss having those long conversations and sharing their stories with him.

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Changing lives that’s what we do
Posted on 28 June 2017

Since our inception in 2001, we at Clarisound have helped change over thousands of lives. This is the reason why we continue to do what we do. Our customers have touched our hearts in oh so many ways.

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