So, you have a hearing loss? What's next?

How do you choose what's right for you? That’s where we come in – we have decades of experience in helping people to hear well again – the selection of the right hearing aid system will take into account your budget, cosmetics, performance requirements, ease of handling (do you know there are rechargeable hearing aids - there are hearing aids that can use Bluetooth for phone calls and TV, there are hearing aids that can be adjusted from your mobile phone). It can be confusing looking at all of the options available so our job is to help you to choose what’s best for you and your own lifestyle whether it be a simple hearing system or a more complex device with multiple options.

Success Stories

How do people react to this? Well, see what they say..

clarisound testimonial

“Notwithstanding our different geographical locations, I prefer to continue to deal with you direct, due to your professionalism, vast knowledge of the medical background associated with hearing impairment and of the products available to assist.”

T.E. Peter Dickinson, Booragoon,AUSTRALIA
clarisound testimonial

“I hope this mail could sufficiently thank you for 'enabling' me in the golden years for continuing the community services which I have begun to enjoy (I find my own worth there), of course, I do not hesitate to recommend friends of mine who need help to Clarisound”

Ng Kok Piew
clarisound testimonial

“Our quality of life has improved dramatically, and more importantly, our friends have noticed a significant change in my husband, he does appear to have a sense of humour after all and gets involved in conversations, even takes over now!”


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